Your Health in Your Hands, LetterkennyHealth Screening and simple health tests from Your Health in Your Hands, LetterkennyHealth Screening and simple health tests from Your Health in Your Hands, LetterkennyHealth Screening and simple health tests from Your Health in Your Hands, LetterkennyHealth Screening and simple health tests from Your Health in Your Hands, LetterkennyHealth Screening and simple health tests from Your Health in Your Hands, Letterkenny


Health Screening Tests Questions & Answers

What is Your Health in Your Hands?
Your Health in Your Hands is an independent medical screening service that uses state-of-the-art equipment and testing procedures to provide a simple, accurate picture of your health - information that you can use to help identify potential problems early or simply put your mind at ease.

We all know that having the best possible information is vital to making the right decisions about our health. Unfortunately, getting your hands on that information isn't always as easy as you might hope.

We operate purely as a testing facility, we don't offer diagnosis or treatment we just give you the information you need about your own well-being and put it exactly where it belongs - in your own hands.
What sort of tests are available?
Your Health in Your Hands delivers a comprehensive range of health tests. We can assess your cholesterol levels; kidney and liver function; prostate level, blood sugar and more with a small sample of blood or urine. We have the latest technology to measure bone density with a simple wrist x-ray to indicate signs of osteoporosis and fracture risk.
How long will I have to wait for an appointment?
Appointments are normally available within one working day so you have no waiting lists to worry about.
How does it work?
At your appointment you'll complete a simple questionnaire and then your personal technician will take you through your selected tests, in comfortable surroundings and complete privacy. No delays, no queues - just friendly personal attention and results while you wait. Your results will be ready in as little as 20 minutes and are yours to take with you.
Do I need to prepare before coming for a test?
Yes. You should fast for 4 hours prior to your test (i.e. no food or drink, except water). Clients coming for a PSA test (prostate disease) should also refrain from sexual activity for 24 hours prior to the test.
Are the tests uncomfortable?
Not at all. Our blood tests require just a small sample from the fingertip and our technology produces an accurate set of readings within minutes. Some procedures, such as assessing bone density, may take a little longer, but there's no need to remove any clothing and all you have to do is relax and let the technology do the rest as you enjoy an experience that is easy, efficient and pain-free..
How are my results delivered?
At the end of your testing session your technician will take a few moments to compile your results into report form, which he will then present to you to take away and use as you wish. The report is your property and its contents are completely confidential. We suggest you store your results folder in a safe place so you can monitor your progress year on year - and perhaps add further health tests at a later date, as new technology becomes available.
I feel fit and healthy, why would I choose to be tested?
It's only when you have accurate and reliable information about your current state of health that you can make truly informed decisions about the best way forward. Even the smallest changes in diet and lifestyle can make a big difference to the quality of your health and our tests can help monitor your progress. Also, by picking up any abnormalities in the way your body is functioning now, we may be able to help you avoid health problems in the future.
Can your tests show if I am likely to develop, say, heart disease or diabetes?
Our test results can pinpoint areas of potential risk for a variety of conditions and could also reveal existing problems that may have gone undetected. That's why we recommend that if there is any apparent abnormality in your readings you should show your full report to your own medical advisor for an expert interpretation of its findings as they relate to your personal circumstances and known medical history.
Could Your Health in Your Hands be an effective early warning system?
It could be a lifesaver. Modern medical advances allow many potentially life-threatening conditions to be treated successfully if recognised early enough. The problem is that by the time they become apparent, it may already be too late to avoid serious complications - so, why wait till then when our technology could pick up the vital signs here and now?
How do I interpret my results?
As your technician will explain when presenting your report, each test you select has a range of readings that are accepted as 'normal' for someone of your age and gender, and your results will clearly show whether your own readings fall within those limits. However, we must stress that a slightly abnormal reading doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem. As in most laboratories, our normal range has been geared to represent the readings expected from 95% of healthy people undergoing that particular test - but of course this also means that 5% of those people will have readings outside the normal range while still being perfectly healthy.
If I have an abnormal reading, what then?
First, remember that minor variations from normal are not uncommon and can be for a variety of reasons, such as your age, diet, general fitness, hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle, and so on. So there's no need to panic, but it is wise to get an expert opinion on what your abnormal reading might mean and that needs to come from your regular health advisor, who knows you best and can assess your findings on that basis.
Can I be sure that the tests are accurate?
Yes. At Your Health in Your Hands, you can be confident that your tests are being carried out by qualified, professional technicians using state of the art equipment and testing procedures. The results you receive are as accurate as could be obtained anywhere, including through NHS centres. You can also be assured of personal attention, privacy, comfort, complete confidentiality, and best of all, you'll have your results while you wait.
What does my doctor think of this service?
Ask them. All of the tests we provide are available through the NHS. However, you may only be recommended for testing if you are showing symptoms and may have to wait for weeks or months by the time you get your results. By using Your Health in Your Hands you are taking control of your own health and have done all the leg work for your doctor. With your results in your hands you are in a position to share the findings with your GP or Medical Advisor for further consultation.
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